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September 08, 2008



Ooh! CUTE lil' Chickies! So sad about Madison's bestest friend--growing up is so hard sometimes! But it does make you stronger right? Give her and all the girlies a HUGE HUG from Auntie Tang. Loves to you sister!


Definately looks like you guys had fun in the rockies. Sure miss you guys. See you guys soon.

Hadley Duncan Howard

Okay, first comment: That a pregnant woman, sleeping on the ground, finds snoring to be the most difficult aspect of the evening, I think said pregnant woman is incredibly hardy and way beyond me in patience and any measure of physical capabilities.

Secondly, your girls are darling and I love their clothes.

Wayne Woellhaf


Your sentence, "We were sandwiched between two campsites - one with a barge of man snoring his life away and on the other side a crying baby." was absolutely true and hillarious. I could hardly read it I was laughing so hard! We were hoping you'd be willing to do another service project next year!


Glad to see you posting! Your girls look to cute on there first day of school. Miss you guys! glad you are finding cute boy clothes, can't wait to meet him :)

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